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The Nobel Prize was created-to support humanism and progress.

Right now, heroic defenders of Ukraine have stood in the way of aggression and barbarism. Thanks to them, even in such. extreme conditions, we will be able to tell for what, to whom, and most importantly, why the 2022 Nobel Prize was awarded.

As always, you will hear the best Ukrainian scientists, economists, writers and human rights defenders at the sixth NOBILITET.

Let the voice of reason sound louder than the alarm sirens. Do not miss the Kyiv pre-party of the 2022 Nobel Award, which will take place on December 3.

The event will take place in a hybrid format: only 50 people, will be able to attend the live event, but we have many online tickets.

For the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Territorial Defense, the National Guards and other representatives of the defense forces, the online event is free. Do not miss the unique opportunity to fully enjoy lectures and communication with well-known speakers live.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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Co-founder of the Initiative
and Chair for Organizing Committee

Valeria is passionate about communication, edutainment, and science popularization, which help shift public opinion paradigms.  Read more  Valeria has over 18+ years of innovation-focused marketing and communication experience, in both the private and public sectors, including digital and educational diplomacy.Her mission is to build communities, bridging the gaps between diverse groups of stakeholders, deconstruct public opinion paradigms, and make technology and science more accessible to civil society.

Kyrylo Chystyakov
Creative Curator of the Initiative

As a Creative Director at top advertising agencies (Yellow Clutch Communications, Vintage, Havas Creative Group Ukraine,  Read more  Grape, and Saatchi&Saatchi Ukraine), he has received over 150 awards and distinctions including Cannes Lions, Eurobest, Epica, Golden Drum, and Red Dot. His areas of expertise include cultural and science advocacy, strategic communications, and cultural policy.Published author of "The Phase of Uranus" and columns in Esquire, Afisha, Time Out, among others.

Olga Maslova
Co-founder of the Initiative and Chair for Science Partnerships

She has a PhD in Cell Biology and is passionate about science popularization, business-science communication, stem cell  Read more  research consulting, and evidence-based wellness. In addition to her two sci-pop books, "When I finally get enough sleep" and "Adventures of the cells", she also hosts a podcast about Ukrainian scientists entitled "Science like clockwork". Olga created dozens of sci-pop articles and lectures for different Ukrainian sci-pop projects and media. She speaks about lots of modern problems from a cell biology view.

Aboutthe initiative
NOBILITET is an initiative created to popularize science. Initially, the project focused on Nobel prize-winning discoveries. However, the initiative now promotes dissemination of a wide range of knowledge based on achievements in science, possibilities of intelligence, belief in progress and humanism
Who arewe for?
For all those who have never been too lazy to move a chair and get a thick book from the top shelf.
Our mission
We believe that in the modern world, nobilitet is not politicians and nouveau riches, but scientists, thinkers, and visionaries. These are the people who shape the future. We want reason to triumph over ignorance, greed, and cruelty.
Our projects
NOBILITET ANNIVERSARY is the major annual event, which traditionally takes place on the last Saturday before December 10, the permanent date of the Nobel Prize ceremony. During this day, Ukrainian specialists talk about who, for what and why receives the Nobel prize this year. These are educational lectures in physics, chemistry, medicine and physiology, economics, peace protection, literature.
Educational program for the corporate segment. We are developing a series of relevant popular science lectures that talk about what is happening in the realm of human knowledge right now. The main goal of the project is to expand the worldview, form critical thinking, and motivate self-development your employees We select topics and speakers specifically for the needs of your company.
NOBILITET DISCOURSE is an irregular format of two-hour lectures on specific essential scientific and social topics. At different times, we talked about behavioral economics, IVF, scandalous literature, DNA and much more. Watch the videos on YouTube Watch the videos on YouTube
NOBILITET (in) FUTURE is a mentoring program for gifted applicants and students. The best Ukrainian scientists are ready to share their knowledge and experience with the new generation. We believe that among Ukrainian youth of the new generation, there will definitely be a future Noble prizewinner from Ukraine.
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